Friday, July 31, 2009

The power of Snowy !!

watch snowy long tongue !!!

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enjoy !!
Cya !
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

picture of my dearest pig ! (baffiee)

this is the first time having a guinea pig and it is the smartest , cutest thing i've ever got !! i love it alot ! What i mean by the smartest is the she will squeak to request for food especially vegetable ! She eats the most expensive hay before the others which is not that cheap either !She comes to the camera when i take it out ! She is 100% toilet train ! She has nice , soft and long fur !
First : the truth ,
at first when i saw this little pig in this little tank i see that it has big , black , shiny and the most beatiful eyes i have ever seen ! At first when i saw her i totally did not like her colour at all ! But now i have found out that her fur colour is gorgeous and simply beautiful !
Now no matter what there is totally no reason to let her go and i will take care of it for life till she is old ! I love her very very much !!

do you like her side view??
is she just beautiful??
Her back view !!!
Don't u adore her ???

enjoy !!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures of the small and furry ones !!!

both eating raw carrot !!
baffiee eating carrot!!
Baffiee back view!!!

pictures of all the smalls little oness will update soon !!!
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Herena is crazy , she loves taking our photos now !!! (Picture of snowy)

Hmmm , i'm not sure y but i keep seeing herena holding a square thingy and pointing it at me .
Herena : that is called a camera !
Here are some pictures of snowy ! I will try to update their blog everyday as now i got camera can take many many pictures haha ! Hope that you will like them !!!

snowy in command (sit pretty) my snowy gal !!!
snowy sitting
Haha snowy is sniffing the camera!!!
small eye !!

Pointy ears !!
weird sitting posture !!
snowy looks like a bull terrier !!!
ouch the flash hurts !!

Not sure why but when snowy sees the camera she will sit down or lie down funny !!
Hope you peeps enjoy the pics and give commends okayy
thanks for looking !
Cya !

Sunday, July 26, 2009


today herena bought a new camera and took picture of us ! so here are some! this is paffiee!!!
It's boring to wait for herena to clean the area!!
When will u be done ? *puppy eyes*
so boring waiting for the place to be clean!!!
this is baffiee the guinea pig !!!
*yawn* tired
the small ones gotta stay in the cage ! *evil grin*
look at the goodies inside ! *yum yum*
i still like paffiee better !!
baffiee side view!!!
is baffiee cute???

today is area cleaning day so we all have to be in cages ! We usually roam around the balcony and will make a big mess so almost every night is area cleaning night so every night all the small furry little ones will be in cages while herena clean up !!!