Saturday, June 27, 2009

phew !! another new adittion

oh ya forgot to tell u got another new adittion to my family again and this time her name is ............................................................... Baffiee and guess what it is a guinea pig hehe it is beatiful !

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Daffiee !
She jus can't keep still ! haizss !
Nomatter what i still love her !

A grey and white lion head cross rabbit . it is also a female . isn't she a big beauty ? She is the most active one among her litter , and the dirtiest one but still i chose her and i know that she will be with me for life . I love all my pets dearly and will not give them up in any sercumstances (sry dunno how to spell ) , i will not care for their size or their colour or even if their dirty or not it is just their inner beaty !


the black beauty !
She is simply cute !
Maffiee !
maffiee a black drawf cross rabbit with black eyes and very small build it is a female ! She is very shy , clever , fast , greedy gal . She simply just love eating but most of all is she is like a water bucket hehe and she loves drinking water too . I find her simply too beatiful ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

the new additions to my huge family !

and they are daffiee and maffiee the rabbits one is a lion head cross and the other one is a drawf cross like waffiee but still waffiee is still the cutest of all

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Herena : have been upating this blog for a while i am quite lazy i can say i upload half way only will continue tomorrow so if u see some profile missing please wait for tomorrow to see okay ? thanks
snowy : heng u update mine liao =p
tara : not fair lor never update mine !
herena : hey i already say tmr rite
tara : okay lorr
raf-v : aiya who cares !
kiki : woof woof ! lick lick !
all : thats all folks stay tune for our updates and not there is a chat box so feel free to write in there thanks !

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a trip to upetgarmet !

sydney ! pompom rescuer jack ! pom pom with waffiee !
my friend trying to kiss pom pom?
such a sweet gal !
this is the jumper we bought for her !

Herena went to parsir ris farmway 1 doggy swimming pool with her friends on thursday(18 june)
snowy : wa liao never bring me still dare to post ! grrr!
Herena : not that i dun wan bring u okay is because we went to quiet many place and carry u in bag very heavy leh next time la !
We went there to see dear pom pom which was abandon in a plastic bag next to the dusbin at ECP as my friend is interested to adopt this sweet gal !
Before that they went to sarangoo north to buy clothes for pom pom and also buy treats and food for uss!! Wee ! after that they went to parsir ris upon reaching there they saw pom pom and it was like herena friends really really love her alot alot .
herena : yap my friends love pom pom alot and pom pom now is doing very fine and have great improvment from the time she was found she now can walk for quiet a long time before falling down already such a sweet gal ! she also can swim very well on herself without support ! I brought my new rabbit waffiee there also so i took some photos of waffiee and pom pom together ! and also waffiee got to swim too and he is such a good swimming did not know that rabbits can swim and when they are not swimming they can float in the surface of the water ! he swim intil he did not want to come out of the pool but we still pull him up and he keep trying to jump to the pool again !
all : cya we will be going to sentosa on fathers day ! wee !
snowy : i love swimming !

welcome waffiee!!!

introducing waffiee boyy!! ---------------------------------------------------(dwaf rabbit) ain't i cute?
ahhh ! enjoying the sun !
can u see the beautiful and unick marking on my nose?
boyy! am i small ! =) i can sleep in this cup !
ahh ! sleeping this way is more cooling !

hi everybody we have a new member in our big family and now introducing waffiee boy ! He is a dwaf rabbit and i am in love with him he is jus ever so cute ! waffiee is a very very small size rabbit and have patial red eyes and a little blue and black for the colour of the eyes too ! Whoever that sees him will be truly in love wif him !
snowy : grrr ! woof woof ! why is he in my room ! grrr!
kiki : oh no ! another one ! (herena: kiki is afraid of everything including hamsters and rabbits )
tara : ermmm ! i wan to play wif himm !
raf-v : yum yum ! foood ? (herena : oi no la u better not think of even touching him ok ! )
fluffy : oh my ! a new brother . Guess i need to teach him from the begining again ! haizss !
waffiee : bye everyone hope to meet u guys one day i am going to sleep already cya again !
herena : waffiee will be going to the pongol plaza event on 27 june if u guys are going u are sure to meet my sweet boy !
all : good night cya we are all going to sleep ! =)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

picture for you!!!

give some comment on the pictures ok ? i know the quality not good cause is use handphone camera take wan jus comment thanks!=)

picture time!!!

wow wee great to be bloggin again!!!

snowy birthday is next month but Herena is still thinking of a place to celebrate it together with her hmm can give some comment anyone? any comment will do ! =)

I am still planning mabe urban pooch or sentosa hmm it's hard to decide sometimes hehe!

Snowy : to all my paw friends , you are all invited to my birthday pawty after we have decided the venue and time for my barkday pawty ! lick lick to all my paw friend !

Herena : BTW snowy birthday party will be celebrated on 19 july so make be free on 19 july to celebrate wif her okay? haha !

snowy,tara,raf-v,kiki : hope all of you will come , we welcome you to join us !!