Sunday, March 15, 2009

woo hoo a trip to sentosa!!!

Today herena woke up very early and pack stuffs i did not know what is going to happen so i just ran around and waited to find out and kiki is still here with us . after that i heard that they are bringing us to sentosa so we went crazy and excited as we love sentosa alot so when herena took out our collars,harness and leash we keep jumping on her ... since she is in a goos mood she never scold us =) . when we reach sentosa the first thing we did is we went to the cafe to have our lunch , and we made to new friends .

this is kiki and her new friend the pug =)

sry but i don't know her name.

cute , happy little kiki=)

after that we went to the beach and met another new friend but too bad herena nvr take picture. i went swimming next i just love the sea water now it is so fun ... herena buried me and my new
friend too but forget to take picture silly her .
Just a few pictures of kiki

At last it's time to go home we pack up , bath and left the place in the car we ate kibbles too yum yum! but once we went home this is what happen !

shh ! i will end here visit soon ;)

a rainy day

hi folks sorry for not blogging for so long as we are very busy and now about saturday acctually we wanted to go to west coast dog run but since mummy went out and got stuck in the rain , we all cannot go so she promise to bring us out the next day .anyway i am still happy as i got my new bed , got mud spa and did u know that kiki have been here from friday? hehe