Sunday, December 6, 2009

hmmm after since we move hus herena have been real busy ,
so we will not update our blog till we shift to yishun which is next year somewhere in jan ,
so guys do not misss us :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

We are moving hus ,
moving to yishun ,
will miss our old home ,
whine whine ,
so sad ,
hmmm guess we will be fine ,
will not blog for quite awhile yet ,
as will be very busy shifting house ,
don't miss us yea ?
bye ...

Monday, November 16, 2009

my rattiees !!!

The white one is the male one which is named haffiee and the black and white one is a female and named naffiee ... they are really tame and cute :) ... i love them alot ...
I like the female one more as female rats are more active than female and she is trained ...
enjoy and do come back for updates ...

my little piggies !!!

So basically these are the picture of my 4 piggys :)

xaffiee , yaffiee , baffiee and taffiee :)

enjoy and do come agn ...

updates of us ...

Okay ... here's our updates ... many many old additions to our family but jus did not update on this blog ... firstly are 4 gerbils ... there are 2 which one of their eyes are blind and the other 2 are perfectly fine ... and 2 guinea pigs ... mojo and bei bei but i changed their name to ... beibei = yaffiee , mojo = xaffiee ... i bought them from my fren ... one male and one female ... and 2 rats , and when i say rats they are really rats with long tail ... one male and one female ... male named haffiee and female named naffiee ... they are really nice and tame ...
And now for some pictures ...

snowy and my dove colour gerbil ...

snowy and my agouti colour gerbil

snowy was misbehaving so she got punished ..

this is yaffiee...

enjoy and visit our blog for more updates ....


Sry for not updating !!!

Herena was like super lazy to update our blog so it's like damn dead ... anyway diego is still up for adoption urgently .... anyone can help to foster or adopt please contact ... thanks ...

Anyway herena saw a dog at ang mo kio ave 4 or 5 area 600+ she thinks it's a stray but unfortunatly she was in a cab rushing to bring snowy and kiki home so she couldn't stop to see .. somebody please go check it out ... :)

updates of us will be up soon ...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Diego - male Siberian Husky for adoption / fostering urgently

An appeal to all ,
I adopted Diego in March 2008 and would love to keep him but unfortunately my family has decided to move to a non-pets residence. I've contact his previous owners (since they still visit him occasionally) but they have cited personal reasons and are not able to care for him even temporarily despite the urgency. I have till October 3rd to rehome him which leaves me with very little time to find him a responsible owner.

Name: Diego
Gender: Male
Breed: Siberian Husky (Born in Aussie)
Age: 6
Health: Excellent, no allergies/skin/stomach problems
Sterilized: No
Size: Medium Large (Not HDB approved)
Microchipped: Yes
picture (if any) :
adopted Diego in March 2008 and would love to keep him but unfortunately my family has decided to move to a non-pets residence. I've contact his previous owners (since they still visit him occasionally) but they have cited personal reasons and are not able to care for him even temporarily despite the urgency. I have till October 3rd to rehome him which leaves me with very little time to find him a responsible owner.
picture (if any) :
please contact : 9873 0773 (rachel)

Outdoor trained, understands basic commands

Temperament: Good with people/kids; Friendly and affectionate.
Likes: Daily walks and occasional treats.
Current Diet: Dry kibbles with occasional wet plus 1 daily supplement

Adopters must allow occasional visits so I am assured of how he is doing.

Please not that he is not my dog , i am jus helping his owner to post this up upon request , thanks

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Updates on boy boy !

Boy boy is currently at scooby place as he went crazy to see a bitch in heat ! He id not adopted yet but i need someone to adopt him quick as i really cannot let him stay any longer , i hate to confine him but i really love him alot . He will be the best companion you will ever have !

The mess that scooby created !

She just can't stop it pee and poo was all over the house and it is deffinatly scooby as snowy will only go to the toliet if she is very urgent and kiki will do it on the news paper if very urgent and this is not the size of snowy and kiki poo ! Only the 3 of them were left at home so the only culprit could be scooby only !
We brought them for a walk at 5 am in the morning for 1 hour and after that i went to school and came home at 2.30 pm but before i reach home my mum walk them at 11 am and yet scooby did this ! there is more of it at differest corners ! But i only took picture of one corner ! She really messed up the house today and stole food from the table !

look at the mess !

scooby is stil here !

As you guys know scooby ? she is stil;l here though her heat is over but she still have a smell that will attract the male doggies and get them all excited ! She is very manja but i have found out that she now have false pregnantcy but lucky no signs of depression .
Snowy : I love scooby as she always play with me !
kiki : Hehe ! Scooby still here so now i can bully her !
Herena : cut the nonsense man u guys always bully scoobs rite ?
all : Erm mabe ?

Anyway for those who know kiki u should think that she is a very quiet , timid and nice dog but infact i caught her bullying scooby when nobody was looking ! When she saw me she quickly act as if she was being bullied ! What an actor !

Monday, September 14, 2009

Picturess on trip to the dog run !

Pictures up :

Miu miu the wawa !

Beautiful golden !

Ashley digging !

the 2 gals checking out the newcomer , biscuit !

very beautiful Golden !

opps ! Scooby peeing !

Ashley !
A morning with ful of golden !
The princess of the day ! Kiki
Look whos the kpos?
Scooby following biscuit from inside!
Scooby !!!
snowy checking out biscuit !
will post more pictures soon as blogger is very slow !
BTW our pal mellow is here as well !

Scooby trip to the dog run!!

It should be scooby's first trip to the doggy run ! As it was Kiki birthday we went to bishan dog run ! She had fun following the whippet name delkis all around and i have pictures to prove ! Hehe but overall she was a very good gal at the dog run ! Made many new friends too ! Will post the pictures up soon !

13 August 2009 :

No outing today :( . Only 3 walks and food ! Haha today they ate , fish with salmon oil , brocolli , carrot , tomato and pumpkin ! Yummy ! din't take picture of food as my camera memory full from all the pictures took during the trip to the dog run ! Scooby had fun playing with rabbits , guinea pig anf rats at home , Herena took them out for her to take a look but she jus stare at them , hehe . What a sweetie ! During walks i always unleash them and she will always look back to make sure i was there and i sometimes wil hide and the will look worried and run around looking for me ! Scooby now follows snowy all around in or out ! She now get along fine with most of the dogs and is very good with little animals . And she is very lazy to chew on bones as well and will lick it and put it a side and snowy will eat it up ! They are so cute , fat fat scooby ! No figure lehh scoobs ! Anyway will always love u scooby !

Scooby : What !? Me ? Fat ? No figure ? no way man ! Aiya hac care larr , who got food ar ? Can i have some pleasse ?

Herena : Still say not fat , greedy gal :P

12 August 2009 :

Scooby had fun from 10.30 am , first to pets gantry opposite bishan park and to bishan dog run !It's nice to see so many dog and our old friend mellow the JRT ! Scooby is a real sweetie and will stick close to me when male dogs approch as she is on heat but no worries she is very fierce ! Hehe , she will growl and want to attck if any dog want to smell her or hump her so no dog dares ! But i also won't let her harm other dogs one lar ! And found out that she love wearing clothes ! Mabe it's cold at night ? Plus sleeping on my bed in a air con room ! After groom she looks great , super lovely ! I love her so much and my second brother also like her alot . My brother will always pet her and play with her !

Saturday, September 12, 2009

look who's here ?

And our guest is Scooby , the cross breed female doggy ! She is a great company to me (snowy) i luv smelling her butt ! She is on heat and her owner have a male dog at home that is going crazy so she is here for the time being till her heat ends :) and boy boy will be at his hus instead :) Now i have another female buddy !

11 August 2009 :
Just an update this is for 11 August 2009 to see how scooby is doing she is very fine and boy , phew ! She eats alot her portion is 2-3 times as much as snowy and she always begs for more but hehe i only will give her more at times only !! She is a very good buddy with snowy and here are some picture for 11 August ! They are really cute scooby is always following snowy all around especially during pee and poo time when it's time for their walk . As they are usually off leash at the grass patch below my house scooby will always follow snowy around :) , they are really great pal now ! And time for picturess !

This is what she ate ! It is rusty can food as the can food is large and my dogs can't finish them so i open it to let them share ! I added spinach , oats and salmon oil as well ! They simply love it loads !

see how she gobbles it up ? see !!!! gone already !!

And we got a happy and full scooby !
10 August 2009 :
wow today little scooby pee on my bed !!! Naughty gal ! But then they got good food today , they ate , pork with carrot , leafy greens and oats ! She ate 2 bowls :) And she drank lots of water after her very long walk , can see that she very fat so i brought her for a 2 hours walk but walk half way she lie down on the floor and dun wan to walk liao ! Waliao then i have to carry her for a while my hand damn tired sia then i cannot tahan liao then put her down dun care jus keep asking her to walk ! Hehe lucky i got secret weapon i cooked some hotdog and i took it out then she started walking ! so greedy gal ! but she so teddy bear lorr people love her bery much lorr , such a cutie and a greedy gal gal always want to eat only !
Scooby ! (but hor she waiting for food lorr)

This is what they ate ! (looks yummy)
Chomping every bit down ! Ta Da ! gone !
Stay tune for more updates on scooby stay !
We love her alot though she is such a greedy gal !
come back to visit again !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boi Boi for adoption !

name : boy boy
sex : male
age : est , 1.5 yrs
health : good (have not been to the vet yet)
size : medium (he is not very big size )
breed : cross but not sure as he does not seem like a mongrol to me as he is very small size as compared to a mongrol )
colour : black and brown
about boi boi : He has the best temprement ever ! Pull him , smack him or what so ever he will jus hide but will nvr ever growl or bark at u ! He is very skinny and playful !
boi boi was found by me wandering under my block and so it saw my dog and rush towards her at first i was really afraid that he would bite but , no ! He has the sweetest temprement ever and will kiss and jump at you when u come home ! He loves toys with squeakers only but will destroy his toys and he also loves rawhighs ! He does not like to be cages up or lock up and need walks at least 2 times a day as u wouldn't want him to pee around ur house !
good with dogs : yes ( he will rush towards dog but wil not bite he jus wants to play)
good with other animals : yes
good with children : yes
please note that he needs alot of attention and will not destroy anything except toys !
requirements : walk him at least 2 times a day as he is very active and will pee at ur house if he is not brought out for his walk !
adopter have to sterilise him after adoption and must allow home visits !
please contact : 94775565 ( herena)
94557663 (nallur)
or u can email to
a picture of snowy with boi boi !

Friday, August 14, 2009

picture of raf-v !!


Sunday, August 2, 2009


sometimes not only the big furballs need their walkies but the small furry ones need walkies too and in fact they love their walkies !!!

please note that rabbit harness should be use only with close supervision !
and please check if your rabbit is tangled in it or not !
please also check if material used for rabbit harness is safe and comfortable before buying or making them !!!