Sunday, November 16, 2008

day at west coast dog run

fun fun fun ! fun is all they have!

look at the fun their having!

Tis little little girl is so hungry after such long day!

can u spot the mud?

jus trying to meet fwens!

Dodo again a sweet and shy little gal!

see size dosen't matter!

Dodo the birthday girl !

look at snowy big dirty butt! haha!

muddy little Momo Dodo's little sister!

Dodo birthday cake looks yummy and tastes yummy!

size dun matter at all!

after a long day all were hungry!

muddy and dirty! yucks!

look at my dirty little snowy and

can u see my dirty foot ! yucky!

on saturday 15 november 2008, i brought snowy to west coast dog run to meet some new frens she had fun over there too much i think tat is because she is covered in mud when we get home hahas she was being chase by some big dogs over there and then started to roll in the mud haha due to the weather over there all dogs tat came their colours is from white to black and brown or some other colour hahas but i jus noe tat because snowy is a pure white JACK so she was covered in mud horribly hahas as u can see the pictures up there hahas look how crazy can they be and look at how hungry are all of them snatching for food and covered in mud even human legs if u observe clearly u can see the mud on the legs hhaha though it was a great day everybody had a great time there and hope to see more of these gatherings to let the dogs get socialise and at the same time exercise also so good right also meet new frens but hope it dosen fall on rainy days cause the dogs will be like all of them in the pictures hahas never thought having gatherings could be tat much fun but it is indeed very tiring to run here and there watching out for ur dogs and also other dogs cannot resist carry other dogs bacause all of them are jus so cute playing together and making new frens tis is my first time at west coast park and it is not going to be the last time because i find tat it is a good and quiet place for everyone too meet up and have some fun never regrated to bring my little snowy there even though it is tiring only bringing one dog but i seriously like the place alot aloot man . I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!
never noe tat playing in the MUD will be tat much fun !


Tis is all about the life of four dogs one named rafv (husky) one named tara (jack russell) , one named snowy (jack russell terrier) and one name kiki (chihuahua) they are very friendly dogs accept snowy is afraid of humans cause she once was lost for 3 days and i think tat she was being bullied by humans .



snowy likes :

snowy likes swimming in the sea

snowy likes tummy rub

snowy likes pork

snowy likes fish

snowy likes beef

snowy likes pumkin

snowy likes rice

snowy likes sleeping

snowy likes eating

snowy likes playing

snowy likes to go for long walks

snowy likes people to carry like a baby

snowy likes kiki

snowy likes toys

snowy likes bitting stuffs

snowy likes distroying stuffs

snowy likes sofa

snowy likes people to play wif her

snowy likes sleeping wif herena in the room

snowy likes raf-v
snowy likes tara

snowy likes herena

snowy likes u too!
snowy likes many many more!


tara likes :

tara likes new toys

tara likes chicken

tara likes pork

tara likes playing

tara likes fish

tara likes sleeping

tara like distroying all things

tara likes bitting stuffs

tara likes eating

tara likes humans

tara likes kisses

tara likes hugs

tara likes long walks

tara likes sofa

tara likes making weird noise

tara likes toys

tara likes people to play wif her

tara likes snowy

tara likes raf-v
tara likes kiki

tara likes her little bed
tara likes many many more!


raf-v likes:

raf-v likes chicken
raf-v likes night walks

raf-v likes pork

raf-v likes frens

raf-v likes female dogs more

raf-v likes sleeping

raf-v likes howling

raf-v likes long long walks

raf-v likes swimming

raf-v likes all meat

raf-v likes tara

raf-v likes snowy
raf-v likes kiki

raf-v likes air conditional

raf-v likes going to bishan park

raf-v likes chasing cats

raf-v likes lamp post

raf-v like trees

raf-v likes many many more!

kiki likes :
kiki likes walkies
kiki likes humans
kiki likes belly rubs
kiki likes meat
kiki likes raw highs
kiki likes snowy
kiki likes tara
kiki likes raf-v
kiki likes the sun
kiki likes many many more!

snowy hates :

snowy hates drinking water

snowy hates walking too much

snowy hates normal water

snowy hates swimming in normal water

snowy hates tomato

snowy hates being punish

snowy hates being tied up

snowy hates being scolded

snowy hates eating food tat she don like

snowy hates people who wanna bully her owner

snowy hates guys

snowy hates to bathe

snowy hates doing tricks

snowy hates sleeping in the living room

snowy hates cats

snowy hates loud noises
snowy hates nail cutting

snowy hates many many more!


tara hates:

tara hates scolding

tara hates water

tara hates to bathe
tara hates people snatching her stuffs

tara hates being punish

tara hates wet grass

tara hates people to disturb

tara hates swimming

tara hates loud noises

tara hates doin tricks

tara hates to be tied up

tara hates vegetable

tara hates bullys

tara hates cats
tara hates loud noises

tara hates many many more!


raf-v hates:

raf-v hates eating vegetable

raf-v hates hot sun

raf-v hates force feeding

raf-v hates thunder

raf-v hates cats

raf-v hates rats

raf-v hates rabbit

raf-v hates all small animals

raf-v hates eating things tat he dun like

raf-v hates doin tricks

raf-v hates being alone

raf-v hates bugs

raf-v hates ticks

raf-v hates flees

raf-v hates mites

raf-v hates people who disturb him

raf-v hates to have a empty stomach

raf-v hates rice

raf-v hates many many more!

kiki hates eating vegetables
kiki hates to be alone
kiki hates cutting nails
kiki hates bathing
kiki hates wear shoes
kiki hates being scolded by herena
kiki hates big objects
kiki hates loud noise
kiki hates cats
kiki hates many many more!