Saturday, January 10, 2009

the cazy gal came !!! oh gosh !!!

today herena and mummy bring me to east coast beach to play wif some doggy friend too bad mummy gotto leave so i have to stay wif herena she keep carrying ppls dog de lorr *whine whine* then after that we go eat and drink wif them too bad i cannot eat lorr so sad but herene got bring kibbles for us to eat they keep on wan to snatch wif me lorr stupid sisters and brothers luckily i dun have one at home kk then rain and shine pa and ma drive us back and then in the car i heard them saying about dunno shine coming to our house to stay then after that when reach i saw herena carrying shine out of her carrier oh gosh wad is happening then when we reach shine followed us home and then i was like how how how then when we reach home shine look so blur and dun dare touch anything or even move hahas stupid then after that she started to walk around and even steal my pig ear and bite bite bite until very comfortable like that then i scold her she stilll shit on the living room then herena bit her then after that she don't dare le so herena go take out the pee pad that she buy for me but i dunno how to use then put on the floor then shine go pee pad and pee then herena praise her and say good girl she where got good girl lor keep eating my things i dun like her so i stick wif herena the whole day . Herena still got take photo kk now photo time and herena say that i look like shine do I ???

haha herena make shine wear pampers it is human pampers leh cause she anyhow pee pee and herena say mabe she will let she sleep in the room together wif us if her owners agree then herena will wear pampers for her hahas

snowy and shine together . can u tell who is who???
shine exploring the kitchen!!!

see shine finally know how to use the pee pad !!!

snowy: see shine stealing my smocked pig ear!!! grrrrrrrrrr!!! bad gal !!!

snowy: i scold shine because she steal my food then y herena scold me then beat me???

herena: because u must learn how to share ur things dun be a chia za bo!!!
shine: ya lorr chia za bo dunno how to give in to me =p
herena: hey u also hor bath also cannot stay still and still round around the place like siao like that and keep stealing snowy food and sleep snowy bed ar snowy jie jie scold u serve u right =p
shine : whine whine sry sry please duin beat or scold me can??? i show u my cute baby eyes larr
snowy : that won't work on herena she is very fair wan ok
herena : ya lorr still snowy know me the best kk i will end here

Monday, January 5, 2009

day at BPDR!!!

saturday we went to meet isabel and took a taxi down to bishan park wif jia jia and isabel only poor baby cannot go when we reach there not a single dog is in the dog run so we never go in but from far we saw a black poodle so we went forward to check it out the poodle is very cute and super friendly lorr . Then after that a couple brought their js here and play then the js is super duper cute also lorr follow by more dogs . then suddently a jiejie bought her dog oscar there and everyone followed her into the dog run but so little people at that time only lorr we thought everyone will go to WCDR cause theres a event there so we are planning to go back at 5pm but then suddently domo and gang came then we had fun there and went back at 7pm plus lorr hahas and it was fun playing wif momo and all the doggies lorr overall we had fun over there ok now for some pics all this pic is copy from domo , khim and jia and bi blog wan cause i forget to put the memory card into my digi cam hehe and now for e pics !!! ENJOY !

look at all the chihuahuas wow!!!
the speech bubble not i edit wan !!!
help help help me pls someone tie me here
little dodo
the speech bubble not i edit wann
elmo and happy facing each other !!! so cute !!!
elmo guarding his food bowl
wang wang , zoe , jia jia , momo and snowy
dunno whats the husky name , wang wang , zoe , jia jia!!!
look at that big guy so much bigger than a full grown husky !!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

my new bed !!!

today i finally got my own bed and it is a sofa bed i love it so much that i sleep on it everytime and dun wanna get up look at how comfy am i on my new bed hehe .

look at the way i sleep i love this bed man!!!
again wahahahaha
hey wad u looking at u trying to steal my bed???
hey y are u still looking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wa so comfortable
hmmm yea so comfy!!!
i can't open my eyes!!! how?